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Coding Standards Every Developer Must Have to Follow

By reading the title, Questions will come into the mind are: What is coding standards? Why I have to follow the coding standards? What is the importance of it? Why it’s needed? Well, Let me explain what it is, why it’s needed… Continue Reading →

How to Integrate WestFax API with PHP

WestFax is a leading provider of Fax Broadcasting, also called Broadcast Fax. We can blast document to thousands of fax number in minutes. WestFax is providing Online Fax Service with HIPPA compliant solution which is really great for Health Care… Continue Reading →

How to Integrate MetroFax API with PHP

MetroFax is a leading Online Fax Service provider with advanced features and flexible usage plans.  Online Fax Service reduces the waste and expense of paper, ink, and toner cartridges. It has its own API to send and receive online faxes… Continue Reading →

How to Integrate API with PHP

Basically, is providing CIM (Customer Information Manager) and AIM (Advanced Integration Method) APIs which we can use in our application to integrate payment gateway. In this tutorial, we will learn how to Integrate API with PHP. Before going… Continue Reading →

How to install Apache, MySQL, PHP on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Introduction to LAMP Basically, LAMP is a model of web service stack. LAMP is a combination of four different open source components. Linux operating system, Apache Server, MySQL (RDBMS) and the PHP. This blog is created on WordPress and it… Continue Reading →

How to disable SSL check PHP cURL

Why do we need to disable SSL check PHP cURL? When we try to open any website and if it has Security Certificate issue then the browser will show the screen for “Untrusted connection”. In this case, we are clicking on “I… Continue Reading →

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